How do people get 40,000 steps on a regular basis?

03-Oct-2013 by Yemisi Ayeni

Im really curious as to how people are able to achieve over 40,000 steps regularly - that amounts to almost 7 hours walking at a steady pace (assuming 20 mins is 2,000 steps). How do people who are working every day, find the time to do so many steps? Im really keen to learn from them! Many tx.

On 04-Oct-2013 by Zitta Gardell-Norwood

Hi, my name is Zitta Gardell-Norwood, I am using this medum to bring to limelight or share my preconceived ideas of walking before the GCC era and after.. My walking dream started in 2006 here in Shell IA Port Harcourt. My BMI then showed I was obesed with a body weight fluctuating between 90. 3 to 91 kg.. In 2009 my three work colleagues, Sophia, Ify and Phil joined me.. The introduction of GCC in 2012 in shell Nigeria made me to realize more of the health risks posed by inactivity and the huge benefits such as increased good health, interactions and a large element of positive competition between colleagues. These motivated and increased my zeal to increase my step counts.

I know it is going to be like fitting a square peg in a round hole for most of you when you hear that I made fifty-two(52,000) thousand steps a day... hold your breath. I really achieved it. Here is a breakdown of how I actualized it.. I wake up every day, by 4:00am, pray for 8 to 10 minutes, I go dancing for 1hr 30mins, this gives between 22,000 to 25,000steps depending on the movement. Most time I drive to work, getting to Shell IA by 6am or 6:09am, I trek round the outter perimeters 2 or 3times and most times I finish with 6,000 to 9,000steps depending also on the number of rounds and time. During lunch, I trek round the perimeter 2 or 3times and this also depends on the rounds and my time too, which gives 6,000 to 9,000, and after work I trek round again, depending on the rounds and time, 6,000 to 9,000. After dinner I take a little dance for 40 to 43 mins. that gives 11,000 to 13,000 steps.

On an average day, I have 23,000+6,000+6,000+6,000+11,000 =52,000

Sometimes I make 62,000 steps. sometimes I make less than 40,000 but I usually keep my extra steps in letskeepwalking, in case I did not make up to 40,000 steps in a day, I add those extras to make it up. I burn more fat and gain more steps dancing. Today, I weigh 69kg “You have not really walked out until you have burnt out” What a News. Indeed, health is wealth!!

On 04-Oct-2013 by Olayinka AFODE

If you want to make 40,000 steps daily, you must learn how to trek in your sleep. It is called trekking by telepathy.

On 04-Oct-2013 by Ronald Esin

Thanks Zitta for sharing.

The secret seems to be in dancing, unfortunately my dance routines are from the 80s. My kids would have a field day if I try those moves now.

On 07-Oct-2013 by Synthea Cameron Odu

The best way to make 40 tousand a day is to pace our self.

YOu will need to start your day at 04:00 and walk 2 hours, that will give you between 13,000 and 16,000 Steps.

When you get to the office print your documents in a far location. And make sure the take short works to speak with colleagues, instead of using the telephone or MOC, walk over to the person and talk to them.

During Break you walk for about 1 hour, then when you close do a 2 and half hour walk.

If you need to pay anobody a visit after working hours or any destination you might be going to, do it all by foot

On 12-Oct-2013 by Sola Taiwo

Thanks everyone for responding to Yemisis questions. Dancing is also very good exercise just as much if not better than walking depending on the moves as you tend to exercise aerobically and use more muscle groups. Stretching targets of daily walking steps to 40 or 62K - Zitta has shown that sometime we place limitations on ourselves - human endurance can be stretched beyond what you could imagine was possible before hand. However please note that our bodies are systematically designed for BALANCE. Anyone doing 4-6 times WHO minimum RDA number of steps also need matching good rest, relaxation, sleep, balanced and regular meals and drinks, medical checks particularly blood pressure, weight[underweight BMI} and blood cholesterol......just to be sure we are not tilting the balance away from benefits of walking. Therefore if for example you spend all your 1-hr break times walking when will you have your lunch and simply sit down, relax physically and mentally before 1pm? In conclusion keep walking PLEASE dont stop but also consider that you are careful and be in balance. Typical Doctors Advice hen! LOL.

On 29-Oct-2013 by Peter Oluwatumise

How do you trek in your sleep (trekking by telepathy)?