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17-Mar-2021 by Ehimhen Eigbe

Why is there nothing going on here???


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How do you achieve your daily target?

01-Nov-2013 by Ronald Esin

My daily target is minimum of 18,000 steps.

I get to the office early, park at the farthest car park and walk along the perimeter fence all the way to my office achieving 6,000 steps by the time I get to my desk.

During the day I make a conscious effort of getting off m...

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Medical Evidence - Walking Works

12-Oct-2013 by Sola Taiwo


"Walking is most likely way ALL adults can achieve recommended levels of physical activity" - sa...

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What improvements would you like to see on LetsKeepWalking?

05-Oct-2013 by Ronald Esin

Kindly share your thoughts and ideas on additional features, enhancements and improvements you would like to see on this site.




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How do people get 40,000 steps on a regular basis?

03-Oct-2013 by Yemisi Ayeni

Im really curious as to how people are able to achieve over 40,000 steps regularly - that amounts to almost 7 hours walking at a steady pace (assuming 20 mins is 2,000 steps). How do people who are working every day, find the time to do so many steps? Im really keen to learn from them! Many tx.

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Error Input Correction

14-Jul-2013 by Casper Kaars- Sijpesteijn

Must be able to correct error inputs ourselves, at least within a certain time frame after input(24 hrs). This to avoid that administrator has to be gotten involved for each tipo.



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