Walk Partner

When it comes to keeping fit and losing weight, enlisting a partner to support you won't just make the process easier—it will also make it a lot more fun! Partners are great for giving encouragement and advice along your healthy lifestyle journey. The more you surround yourself with people who support your goals, the greater your chance of success will be. Your partner can be part of that support system—someone who gives you a boost when you need it, and whom you can lend a hand to in return.

There are several factors to consider when looking for a walk partner:

Similar time schedule – If you are the type that needs to walk with someone then you need a partner who has a similar walk schedule as yours. (e.g. early morning, late evening etc.)

Comparable Goals – Your goals for walking need not be the same but it is important that they are enough to keep you motivated.

Similar motivational tendencies - Some people prefer to be pushed (military drill sergeant-like style), while others tend to respond best to a more comforting supportive style based on encouragements and praises. Make sure your partner’s motivational style is ideal for you.

Similar Walk pattern – Selecting a partner who walks at about the same pace as you would allow you maintain a consistent pace which you can increase steadily as you progress.

Committed – Lots of people have good intentions about walking but when the chips are down they find it difficult to match their talk with actions. Avoid people who procrastinate a lot.

Loves Challenges – Best way to achieve result is by stretching yourself. Doing the same thing all the time tends to get boring. A partner who loves challenges brings a new twist and freshness to the whole process.

Dependable – it is very important to find a partner who keeps to agreed walk schedules. Avoid people who love to make excuses as they may discourage you from achieving your goals.

Whether you're looking for someone with similar goals, a fitness partner to walk with, or a person with a committed attitude, there are a number of places to search for the right partner.

In house: Your spouse could be the ideal partner if you share similar fitness goals as this would allow you spend more quality time together and strengthen the existing bond between you two. Even when your work schedules makes it difficult for you two to walk together on weekdays, try and plan weekend walks together and keep tabs on each other’s progress during the week as this may just be the encouragement needed to meet that goal.

Family: Choosing your brother or sister as a walk partner could be a great way of keeping fit. Since certain genetic traits (obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes etc.) tend to run in the family you wouldn’t need much convincing to get a sibling interested in exercising.

Friends: Other possible walk partners could be your friends or colleagues in the office. Walking with friends you already have strong bonds with could be enjoyable as you already have a lot in common and the camaraderie is a plus, as you wouldn’t want to let your friend down. With work colleagues you already share similar work schedules making it possible to take time out during lunch time or after work to stroll round and keep fit.